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HEAR Now Festival Rex Tanner and the Sword of Damocles has been selected for the HEAR Now Audio Fiction & Arts Festival starting June 11th in Kansas City, Missouri. Congratulations to the production team for a job well done!

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A few years ago, we realized that we had compelling stories that needed to be told on the big screen. Action, adventure, love, war, comedy, science fiction... we had dozens of ideas for original and entertaining stories involving some of the most memorable movie characters you would ever see.

After months of hard work, we produced our first screenplays in audio format and released them on Amazon, Audible, and iTunes. Shortly after, we started working with other screenwriters to produce their scripts as well. Our goal is to produce the most compelling and engaging movie scripts we can find with characters and stories you won't soon forget.

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Audiblescripts reviews

"This is refreshingly different because..."

"...the action taking place let me easily imagine what was going through the characters minds rather than the narrator telling me like in traditional audio books."

- Carl

"Powerful, action packed, with a touch of [...] "

"...at the end, I truly enjoyed the story line and would certainly entertain thoughts of listening to a sequel."

- Angela

"Although I don't ordinarily gravitate toward supernatural [...]"

"...this one rolls right along with a very distinctive array of well-cast character voices and almost non-stop action as Human, Were and Vampire cultures collide and blend."

- Janis

"Very interesting, magnificent story..."

"...I did not want to stop reading this story. It kept me in suspense all the way through."

- Joyce